Episode 61: December 30 2009

Cleveland Heights Poet Laureate Gail Bellamy interviews Herb Thomas, whose multimedia and interdisciplinary production called Wordscapes takes place at Cleveland Play House on January 8 and 9.

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Episode 60: November 15 2009

Cleveland Heights Poet Laureate Gail Bellamy provides part two of her trip to Loganberry Books' local author fair. Local authors include Les Roberts, Deanna R. Adams, John Wasik, Phillip Parrish, and Vladimir Swirnysky.

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Episode 59: November 8 2009

HAR returns with a debriefing on the highly successful (for most folks -- but oddly controversial for some folks) Knitscape public art project, sponsored by Heights Arts and many Cleveland Heights and Larchmere businesses.

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Episode 58: September 13 2009

John Panza meets Cleveland Institute of Music classical guitarist Jason Vieaux, who performs in The Cleveland Classical Guitar Society's Virtuoso Showcase Concert on Sunday, September 20.

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Episode 57: August 30 2009

John Panza chats with Cleveland Heights suspense author Richard Montanari, whose new novel The Devil's Garden was released by Random House on August 14. (Note: This HAR interview was taped in August 2008 immediately after the release of Richard's previous novel, Badlands.)

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Episode 56: August 9 2009

We're back! John Panza recounts summer vacations past and present. Then Cleveland Heights Poet Laureate Gail Bellamy visits Loganberry Books' local author fair and chats with The Lit's Judith Mansour and authors Nina Freedlander Gibans, Dorothy Chapon Kazel, Carlo Wolff, and Susan Petrone.

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HAR is on vacation...but here's a video to enjoy!

Heights.Arts.Radio is on vacation in July, but we're still thinking of you. To tide you over until August when we return, check out this video produced by Cleveland Heights' Stephen Bellamy and his wife, Cleveland Heights Poet Laureate Gail Bellamy. It is a video for Gail's poem called "Tarantulas." See you all in August!

Episode 55: June 28 2009

John Panza interviews Nick Luedy, owner of Cleveland Clothing Company and purveyor of quirky, subversive, and generally awesome Cleveland-themed t-shirts.

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Episode 54: June 21 2009

In a tip of the hat to the art+journalism connection featured in Heights Arts Studio's current exhibition In Plain View II, Cleveland Heights Poet Laureate Gail Bellamy explores the connection between journalism and poetry with octogenarian poet and former newswoman Janice Ghetia Orr.

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Episode 53: June 11 2009

On this special mid-week HAR, John Panza steals his way into the offices of CoolCleveland.com and eavesdrops on a conversation between the three organizers of the June 20th Big Cool Cats Music Festival at Cain Park: Steve Presser (of Big Fun), Thomas Mulready (of CoolCleveland), and Denis Devito (of Cats on Holiday). Learn about the music festival and how $5 might win you a Gibson guitar! (All raffle proceeds go directly to Heights Arts!)

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